Sisters before Mr’s?

Doesn’t it suck having to choose between your best friend and your boyfriend? Here are the answers to the suspenseful questions that have been bouncing around in that brain of yours.

Step one: Never Date your best friend’s worst enemy or Ex. Boy friend. Don’t even bother asking because it puts them in an awkward position.

Step two: If you and your best friend like the same guy, DON’T DATE HIM! No matter how cute he is, your best friend is going to last longer than a make out!

Step three: Make weekly time for this BFF of yours so they don’t feel so abandoned or traded in.

Step four: PLEASE don’t stay up talking to or about your boyfriend for long periods of time because I’m absolutely sure your best friend doesn’t care if he hates chocolate cake!

Step five: Completely stay out of the drama between your best friend and her boy friend because you will be blamed for it on her PMS week!

Wrighten by Kaitlyn Kochany
Editied by Conor Ohannlan

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