“I’m only 14 ,so its hard to me taken seriously…”

n838037541_1625236_84551Fourteen. year old Catherine runs C.P photography a myspace photography site. At fourteen its hard to believe what this girl can do but her photos are amazing! “a I’m not a professional, but I hope to be eventually. I take my photos with a Sony a300x. I’m only 14, so it’s hard to be taken serisouly, but I know this is what I want to do.” This regular teenage girl has a pretty great resume to she’s photographed bands such as All Time Low, Mayday Parade, The Maine, Breathe Carolina, The Have, A Rocket to the Moon, Brockencyde, and even are very first Fuzzyneonllama feature friends Hart Attack. When I got the chance to interveiw her I was so excited because she somewhat like me. Has a big dream at 14 is persuing it now in her own way, like I’m doing with this site….

FNL:What got you drawn into doing photgraphy?CATHERINE:I love the idea that you can almost pause a moment and keep it forever.

FNL:How did you know this is what I want to do/this is what i was ment to do?CATHERINE:Well I’m not sure it’s what I’m meant to do, but I realized it was something I wanted to when I started getting more into the music scene and became more aware of the careers associated with it. I’d always loved photography, so it made sense.

FNL:How long have you been photgraphing?CATHERINE:Since I was five and went to Disney World. Haha. I started taking it seriously July 2008, so this summer. 

FNL:What do you love photographing, why?CATHERINE:Bands. Music is a very large part of my life and so is photography. Putting the two together is like amazing for me.l_6af544ae677e46059af54ae1b29bc298

FNL:How do people react to your photos compared to your age?CATHERINE:I get a lot of “Are you really 14?!”. The answer is yes! Haha. It’s pretty sweet when people say things like “I thought your photos were professional, it’s amazing you’re that young.”

FNL:Name one word that describes your pictures why?CATHERINE:Emotion? I guess. I get that a lot. I always seem to capture strange facial expressions…

FNL:What celebrity would you die to photography? CATHERINE:PETE WENTZ! I’d do anything!

FNL:Who is your favorite photgrapher?CATHERINE:I’m going to be honest and say I really don’t know. I have a lot of friends who are photographers too, and I love their stuff. 

FNL:What did you think of this interveiw?
CATHERINE:It was fun! Thanks for asking me to do it!

FNL:Would you ever think of working with Fuzzyneonllama Magazine again?
CATHERINE:Yeah of course! 🙂

AND MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT http://www.myspace.com/cathrinepowellphotos and www.flickr.com/photos/catherinepowellphotography/

Thanks Catherine!:)

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