Monthly Archives: July 2009


Yesterday you could find me at Nordstroms Rack in Irvine huddled around masses of shoes I picked for myself and my mom (I have way to much fun at that store). Speaking of my mom let me mention that for years I have been her personal stylist and keep her looking young. Even though she was the one who taught me everything I know about fashion and the industry she still needs her daughter with her when ever she goes shopping. I’ll admit one of my favorite things to do is style people! Picking out peices, having a sense of what they like, and there’s always one peice that I know they’ll like more then the rest. As for yesterday I maybe picked out 15 pairs of shoes, this one pair of Michael Kors magenta platforms with a wooden heel that I knew she would like and she did! Well your probably wondering whats the point of this post. Honestly I have no clue but somehow Nordstroms rack made me remember why I love fashion and write about it. I could live and breath it 23/7 unfortunetly school gets in the way of that. The Rachel Pally brezzy dresses and the Docle Vit shoes reminded me why I love fashion . It lets you be yourself 🙂