Diane Von Furstenburg, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, YSL these are just a few of some of my favorite designers. I had my first trip to Saks fifth Avenue last weekend and I absolutely loved the entire atmosphere. Every corner of the store featured a designers collection, the next one more fabulous then the last. dvfFirst I headed to DVF here warm “colours” drew me in instantly. I’ve just recently became a fan of  Diane because of watching The City now I’m a big fan her of colors and patterns. Over time I looked through more and more designers  thats once again made my eyes to big for my wallet. I mean I’m only 15 only the girls on NYC Prep can afford this stuff now! Then I finally saw the one and only Marc by Marc Jacobs collection (que the heavenly music).  I can’t even describe how beautiful the peices were to me. There were maybe only no more then 20 peices in his whole little section but I was stuck there for about 45 minutes. My exact words to my mother were “Forget the car for my 16th birthday I’d rather have a Marc Jacobs dress!”. It’s not like we can’t afford a Marc Jacobs dress but saving to go to Occidental is more important. Possibly:)Note:I’m in love with Marc Jacobs like my mom is in love with Jimmy Choo but more:)


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