Not so wise words, but they’re enough.

My first week of sophmore year and I’m already super busy, but that is not going to stop me from writing a post. This summer my schools  uniform dress code was changed to NO UNIFORMS ! Let me just explain that my school is filled with Hollister and Abercrombie addicts that drive me crazy! You shouldn’t wear the same name that much thats just my opinion but let me move on before I start ranting on a tottally diffrent post.  My non-uniform-ness this year inspired me to go a little Rachel Bilson/Agness Deyn/Alexa Chung/Ashely Olsen (style icons to me). I went to thrift stores (I now loooove Buffalo Echange!), small boutiques, & department stores… in 4 states. I wasn’t focusing on a certain style or label or what I wanted to be labeled. It was all about what I loved. Fashion in general I love .. obviously. You know how the first day of school sometimes you go through literally 16,000 outfits just to find the right one for the first day of school. That’s what I did and it freaked me out! I kept changing my mind then I realized what should I care! In the end the outfit that I tried on a dozen times and kept doubting & loving I wore on the first day…and I didn’t like it. I knew why… I tried too hard trying hard not to try to hard. Haha I know I’m insane. Then the next day I just woke up and threw on two peices that I loved.  It looked great! I felt great!  The best outfit is the outfit is the outfit you feel confident in and you get compliments in 😀

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