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                                                  20090806_01                                          For those who don’t know I am obsessed with Marc Jacobs especially his Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. Recently I reveived my September issue of Nylon Magazine in the mail, as I do everytime it comes in the mail I got super excited to see what Nylon had to offer me this month. Oh boy was I nearly jumping up and down when I read pg 94. Basically in my own words it said  “HOLY CRAP MARC JACOBS IS PUTTING OUT A LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION FOR UNDER 200 FREGGIN DOLLARS!”. Haha my words exactly.

This collection includes chic t-shirts, graphic super cute leggings, bold bangles, to die for jersery blazers, and denium skirts. Of course Marc Jacobs couldn’t have a collection without adding his scarves that come in a varitey of floral,animal, and graphic prints.  These peices are also going to include some of my favorite Marc Jacobs friends and characters like the wide eyed Miss Marc. I so want the Miss Marc “don’t fret my pet” cardigan and tote going for only $100. Marc Jacobs I love you 🙂

PS The collection is cleverly named “Don’t miss the Marc”.  Triple Smiley faces!


Huge question!

This isn’t me by the way but what do you think of the “monroe peircing” (name is from Marilyn Monroes famous mole). Is it stylish is is approriate in the fashion world. Just give me your opinions because one might be intrested in one.