20090806_01                                          For those who don’t know I am obsessed with Marc Jacobs especially his Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. Recently I reveived my September issue of Nylon Magazine in the mail, as I do everytime it comes in the mail I got super excited to see what Nylon had to offer me this month. Oh boy was I nearly jumping up and down when I read pg 94. Basically in my own words it said  “HOLY CRAP MARC JACOBS IS PUTTING OUT A LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION FOR UNDER 200 FREGGIN DOLLARS!”. Haha my words exactly.

This collection includes chic t-shirts, graphic super cute leggings, bold bangles, to die for jersery blazers, and denium skirts. Of course Marc Jacobs couldn’t have a collection without adding his scarves that come in a varitey of floral,animal, and graphic prints.  These peices are also going to include some of my favorite Marc Jacobs friends and characters like the wide eyed Miss Marc. I so want the Miss Marc “don’t fret my pet” cardigan and tote going for only $100. Marc Jacobs I love you 🙂

PS The collection is cleverly named “Don’t miss the Marc”.  Triple Smiley faces!


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