Monthly Archives: December 2009

Asos or bust!

I was also recently catching up on my “youtube life”  ( with my subscribtions & subscribers. .. I discovered a nice little channel & in one of her clothing haul videos she discussed a website called So being the curious critter I am (LOL) I checked it out & guess what!? I loved it so much that…ASOS.COM IS FNL’S DECEMBER STORE OF THE MONTH YAAAAY!  Their modern “london look” clothes are for every style. The ‘boho chic’ (like myself), the ‘punk rock’, or ‘the victorian’ looks. They have them all. The only downside is because the store’s prices in euro’s you must have the euro exchange for american dollars, which is a bit more but its all good because the up side is they do ship to the US so double yay 🙂 ! Here are some of my favorite looks & you know where to find more at ASOS.COM