Monthly Archives: January 2010

Get Pumped!

I am so so so sorry for not writing any post in ages. I’m kind of in this weird stage right now with the blog but me personally i’m feeling great. The new year is going amazing for me so far & there’s a diffrent a vibe about 2010 that makes me feel refreshed & renewed & geniunely ethusistic about life again haha! But anyway I recently went to my friends bands gig & it hit me how much music effects my life & how powerful it is throughout the world and of course how passionate i am about it. So i decided to change the ENTIRE blog to music, photography, & not as much but a little fashion for us weird ones lol. If you like 1997 Everclear or Alex Pardee this is the blog for you ;). If i’m gonna change whole i want to execute it right & perfect so it may take awhile. Theres gonna be alot of confusion probably haha but i’m hoping to have everything done by the end of January. Hope your as excited as I am!

P.S. also a note I have many interveiws I’m lining up with some awesome bands and I’m going to quite a few concerts & hoping to get a new camera for some new photography so another reason to get way pumped!