Before we begin…

Even though I’ve done this “flip the script” interveiw twice before I feel like myself & the blog are in completely new places now so this should be fun?

Q: Where did the name come from?

A: My name? Oh the blog name, haha uh I just wanted something really random & memorable & catchy I look 3 random words so we now have FUZZY/NEON/LLAMA. Some girl claimed I stole it from her but if I did it was never intented. It was kinda like my mind was a hat full of strange words & i just happened to pick those three.

Q: When & how did you start blogging?

A: At about 12 kind of just a personal blog but then it got too personal & i starting writing about things I liked instead of my life. When I was 13 my blog was all about boys, girls, drama, ect (haha I thought things were hard then) then when I was 14 I read alot so I decided to make my blog into an “online magazine”. I talked about books, movies, music, any thing really and it was called Fourteen Magazine haha ironic. When I turned 15 I got more serious about it  & now has had a few stages but now I really know where I wanna go with this one & i’m really excited about it too.

Q: Rumor has it your cutting fashion out of all the way, true?

A: Here’s my say on this, because even though I’ve been approached about it a couple of times I havent really gotten to justify my choice. Fashion in my generation is quite strange. Its all about whatever makes you look cool. I appericiate high fashion, old school Chanel or a some funky looking hippie rocker whatever your style is, something with a story in its past of present. There seems to be no such thing as orginallity anymore though only a few people & designers I know of still truely belive in it so until that changes there will be a shortage of fashion here but not tottally cut off, fashion has always been a big part of my life & blog.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 8 years?

A: Hmm lets see in 8 years I will be 23 years old wow! Well I want to be that person at concerts taking pictures (with an awesome camera of course!) & running around backstage interveiwing people. If I’m lucky & I accomplish my goals by 23ish I see myself & my staff of friends in a loft in Los Angeles working for our own music/photography/fashion/awesome magazine I want it to be ours not just mine. That would be great!

Q:Where do you see FNL in a year?

A: I really wanna do great things with FNL this year so hopefully not in a fuzzy llama cutting factory!

Q: What music do you listen to before or after you blog?

A: Haha good question! Depends…but most of the time you can find my listening to Everclear, The Devil Wears Prada, Underoath, The Beatles,Acrtic Monkeys, Nineball, Manchester Orchestra, Jesse Morrow, NeverShoutNever, or T-Swizzle (taylor swift) 😀

Q: Your about me says your a amature photography why do you consider your self that?

A: I’ve been told I’m really good at it just with my crappy kodak camera I took some great stuff but photgraphers if you havent notices are very humble. We know when we look at a picture they took they go, “whoa I took that!? Dang i’m good!”. Haha its something I really love doing & I want to continue doing it somewhere in my career in the future because well i’m good at it & i know it. I

Q: What do you love more fashion, music, or photgraphy?

A: Jesus Christ why would you ask such a thing!? Haha um depends on my mood that day. I know with fashion I have to be in a certain mood to love it at the moment. But with music & photography I love those all the time & really can not decide

Q: Quick! Name 3 things you love that are not those!


One thought on “Before we begin…

  1. Breanna' says:

    ohmygosh! ilove you and your amazing site!. :]

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