Me Overseas

While searching & searching for a worthy band to grace the new & imporved Fuzzyneonllama I bumped into a worthy opponent . Two words… Me Overseas. These New Jersey boys formed summer 2009, sooner or later making up one kick a** alternative rock band. Even though their very new they seems like they have been together for years, and you can tell with their song “Quit on Love” you know how to give a music lover chills. “I’ll be your kisser , I’ll be your mister & I’ll just quit on love for a while” , that was just a sample of their catchy relateable song lyrics. These jersey boys definately seem like they desereve way more attention then “the situation”:

1.So how did you guys start?

We’re all friends from different bands and we came together and started Me Overseas.

2.Where did the band name come from & what does it mean to you guys?

The band name is from a lyric from a Get Up Kids song called Out Of Reach. We think the name is a positive concept and that anything is possible.

3.Where do you wanna see Me Overseas in 2 years?

Touring and hopefully headlining shows.

 4.How would you describe your music?

If Paramore and Foo Fighters had a baby, and that baby dated The Starting Line, and they had a baby, it would be us.

5.Who are some of your biggest musical muses, that you highly look up to?

We all have different influences that compliment each other.

6.How do you go into writing a song, does one guy do it do all of you pitch in with some ideas already in play or just write what comes to you lol?

Someone comes up with an idea and then we all collaborate on it.

 7.How have your fans affected your music?

They have affected us, but not in the sense of writing. That concept hasn’t reached us yet.

 8.What music can you absolutely not stand?

Music that’s not genuine, or any music that has no authenticity.

 9.You guy’s song Quit on Love seems very personal & I know lots of people can relate to the lyrics, is that something that you wanted to accomplish with the song & was that song inspired by a personal experience?

Yeah it was inspired by personal experiences, but we want people to relate and have a connection with us.

 10.Would you really quit on love lol?

No of course not, you can’t really quit on love. This song explains that sometimes its hard to find love but to always be hopeful.

 11.So I’ve interveiwed Hart Attack twice before, are you guys a fan of theirs?

Hart Attack turned into Me Overseas when we took a new a direction.

 12.How has music helped you in life, weather listening to it or playing it?

It’s therapeutical, like a healing aspect. Sometimes it’s the only thing you have… and we are all passionate about music in general.

 13.Fill in the blanks…. I would love to play with “_____” on the planet “________”.

Jimmy Eat World on Earth and maybe Mars.

 14.Ever see you guys being famous rockstars one day?

Knock on wood but we hope for the best and take what we can get.

15.Alrighty what did you guys think of the interveiw did I do a good job lol?

Yeah it was sweet haha.

thanks again guys 🙂 check em out at

lead vocal-corey o’connel
bass-noel herbolario
guitar- joey brito
guitar- chis goodlof
drums- mike montalbano

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