Crashing Paradise.

Okaaay so I have been very eager for this interveiw my self because the band that I interveiwed are actually really good friends of mine and actually really talented. Crashing Paradise from Houston, TX aren’t your typical high school garage band, there is something about them that makes them diffrent from everyone else. Maybe its their diverse look, maybe the fact the their lead singer is almost a mini-me of Joel of Green Day, or the fact the every time the drummer gets started someone yells out “octopus!”. Haha either way it was my pleasure to interveiw them because I’m actually a huge fan and I have to see em at school everyday & they would keep nagging me if I didn’t haha no but honestly when your done listening to the reading  check out their music at and let them know that fuzzyneonllama sent you 😉

Where did the name come from & who thought of it?
Juan-  i dont know where it came from
frank- it was a song name at first
Jaun- yeah I guess at first we were friday night then we heard there was another band called that we decided to change our name to crashing paradise offically

So your sound is very similar to green day is that what you were initally trying to
John-when i wrote the songs i guess i was going for that sound you know because when you like something you try to be similar to it so i guess what you like is what you music is going to come out to sound like
Frank- yeah that sounds about write john writes the music we just play it
Chris – most of the music!
Juan- I dont know we just attempt to play whatever we feel like & play what the crowd would like & our crowd usually likes green day

How do you go into writing a song?
john-when i watch videos about bands about how they became it inspires me to write, I just start typing and play my guitar after watching a video because a good song may have us reach their level one day

Whats your favorite song that you wrote so far?
John- incoming

Each of you name your all time favorite band, but just one.
Juan-three eleven
John- Green day
Chris- Iron maiden
Frank- paramus

Each of you think of 3 words that describe your music.
chris-goregasmic,beastin,and uuuum
savannah- beatly
chris- no im thinking
frank- kick a**, totally bada**
me- ah no more then three your done

Do you guys see your self as rockstars or future rockstars?
Juan-i guess we kinda do with the choices that we make uh i do see a future for us
John- I always keep a positive thing that we will become big one day so i see my
self as a rockstar

To me it seems like you guys will be famous in 5 years, and forget about all of us & be completly to cool for us will that happen?
Juan-i mean i cant blame you for giving us your opinon because it does happen because bands do get mixed up in the music industry & where they come from and who they are and dont enjoy being really happy about being famous. we’ll try to do the best to communtioncate & keep in touch with family,friends, and fans. and were gonna keep going on tour hoping it will make us famous in a couple years. we’ll still come to houston & hopefully around the world

Savannah (my good friend & Juans girlfriend)-do yall like chocolate milk?
John- I love it!

Savannah- whats your favortie food?
Jaun-easy mac & alfredo
chris-depends what im in the mood for
frank-hot wings
chris-no i change mine hot wings!

Whats you band that makes your ears bleed, like you cant stand?
Juan-Paramore & flyleaf
John- those chic scremo bands
& jonas brothers they suck
Frank- i agree those chick screamo bands sounds like their slowly insterting
spikes into them or something
haha sorry
chris-miley cyrus
John- miley cyrus rocks, i hope your reading this miley!
Frank- no she isnt! he just wants to get in your pants miley

Whats one thing you do not want to leave at a show, other then your intruments?
juan-the feeling of the the love and apperication of our music
just the fans enjoying it & having a good time thats hard to leave
john-i dont wanna leave the people or the stage
chris-i dont wanna leave
frank- i dont wanna leave the fans liking our music, and the hype you dont just get
that anywhere

Whats your biggest fear?
juan-losing someone you love whose really close to you
john-i have the biggest fear of loosing my voice or loosing too many strings
chris-i would hate to loose my limbs because i cant do anything, even drum
frank- you can jab the sticks into your arms?
chris-limbs dummy!
frank-my limbs too

Savannah-Are you afraid of aliens?
John-no juan is an alien
Savannah-the story about that is his parent put him in a cannon at the mexican circus
& like flew him over the border

Savannah-do you have a fetish & what is it?
Jaun- no, i guess i have a fetish music wise. i mess around alot with metal beats
Johns-boobies! & jumping off the stage
Frank- you never jump off stage, and that one time you lost your balance
doesnt count
anyways my fetish is listening to music

I know all of you went to school together but how did you come to be?
John-i’ve been playing guitar with chris since we were in middle school then we stoped playing & then i started playing base with frank and guitar with juan
& then our friend aj lent us a drum set and chris volunteered to drum with us during jam sessions & it just stuck we started to covers then i started writing songs

Savannah-do you want some mickey d’s?
chris- yeah kind of.

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  1. Savannah Tibbits says:

    I’m on this 🙂 haha
    Juan says hi

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