sick love.

Well guess what I have everyone…strep throat! Haha well since I have the time I just wanted to share some things I am loving right now and I actaully do have a  interveiw for you guys which I will be posting soon. Thanks for all the love 😉

1.I love Mitchel Davis I love “On the Wings of Integrity” by MyChildren MyBride & I love he’s in their video.

2. I’m a big supporter of other blogs and I’ve been loving this on >

3.this guy 😉 hahaha who is Christopher Drew from Nevershoutnever who I’m going to see March 21 along with Every Avenue, The Summer Set, & Hey Monday and don’t worry I will try my hardest to get an interveiw & there will be coverage of that shabang!

4. The movie HOT ROD with Andy Samburg haha as part of my strep throat I watched it for the first time today so funny! I love his “two legit to quit!” hands signs and the “cool beans” mixer. Any one who is a fan of random jokes that everyone else wouldnt get should watch!

5.This shirt (which you can find at Forever21) because…I have sucessfully be a VEGITARIAN for a month and a half yay! Very proud of my self 😀 its the best choice I probably made if your intrested too just go to if you were as skeptical as I was.





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