Nordstroms Rack Houston Adventures

Hey guys! So yesterday I went to one of favorite shopping places. Nordstroms Rack! I just opened the first one in Houston about 2 weeks ago, but I go constantly any time I’m in California so I was very excited. Nordstroms rack is full of designer surprises. The things that are too cool at Nordstroms go to Nordstroms rack yay! The first thing I saw when I walked in was a big rack of Betsy Johnson jewelry which I was so close to buying but I was there for something in particular.  I needed a pair of daring shoes for my sweet 16. Yes I’m having a sweet 16. As anti-yeah you know lol I’ve been planning my sweet 16 since I was 10. But it’s not your typical gimmie want I want make me look like a princess sweet 16. My theme is kind of I’m willy wonka and lets get omppa lompa crazy lol. Anyways I did find a perfect pair of shoes from Nia that looked like they were made for my dress. After I found what I needed I almost went crazy. Haha so many designers so many reasonable prices so little time! Unfortunately I didn’t buy anything else, but I did see this M. Kors jacket that I was obsessed with. I want it so badly but sadly had to leave it be. I already bought a $150 dress and $100 shoes, I’m not rich kid I have to keep a budget too!

P.S. covergar, story, and interveiws of the AP Tour 2010 coming up soon, theres alot I have to tell you guys!

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