my crazy craving.

Hello again! So I’m proud of myself for writing a post about everyday now yay. Lately I’ve been writing more fashion then music and  photography which isn’t like me but eh blah! Anyways I have been craving the strangest thing in my jewelry box lately. Evey now and then I have these things called “closet cravings” which basically means things I really want in my wardrobe at the time. Right now I really want a leather biker jacket, another pair of TOMS shoes (I’ve worn mine so much their falling apart!), many cutoff shorts for summer, patterned romper,and nylon jogging shorts (haha I’ve b=een running more lately). But the strangest thing I’ve been craving lately that I want more then anything is a finger armor ring. I was on my favorite sites, and and saw these amazing full length rings that instantly took me to medival days and I fell in love. I love things that are medival but sweet, vintage and diffrent. I’m not quite sure where you can get one other then ebay but I don’t really trust ebay so if anyone knows where you can find just go ahead and leave a comment 😀 thanks a million to all my readers I appericate you guys more then you know.


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