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Yeah that stupid song has been stuck in my head too! I won’t lie I bought Ke$ha’s album on itunes when it first came out, she can’t sing but she has some amazing producers who make all here songs really freaking catchy (if you have the album too my favorite song is Backstabber). But annnnywaaays that is not the purpose of this post. So all this week I have state testing if you live in Texas your aware of the god awful TAKS test we do. I got two done one more to do tommrow, and then less then a month until school is over yay! Wow it’s seems like I was just in 6th grade starting “Fourteen Magazine” (the former online fuzzyneonllama) now I’ll be a junior really soon and things are better then ever. Even though I’m extremely busy I’m excited for what up for me and the blog of course. I have another interveiw on Saturday with this great local band called Versecity, I heard them on the radio and talked tp their lead singer on facebook and am so excited! Then I’m still saving up for that dream camera that I will hopefully have by June 18th (day after my birth day & the day I fly off to all my amazing summer adventures), I really wanna get more into photography. Oh yeah and I posted how I’m working on my tee shirt line “Ten Thousand Tentacles”, I have about 14 sketches now I just have to make them, and since I’m just starting I have to do everything my self. So once I get the shirts, and make the graphics, and scan the sketches, and iron them on I’ll have my first batch ready to order yay! Well you guys I’m actually suppose to be working on a speech for my college class haha I’m such a procrasinator everyone have a safe and fun weekend. Let me know what your up to I love to hear from my readers follow me on twitter @Analovestwittuh

P.S. I put that random picture up because I saw that movie last weekend & it’s now my all time favorite movie, I love action movies omg it was amazing my movie of the year reccomend everyone to go see! BTW the man behind the mask Aaron Johnson is so  hot!

Hey guys

Hey readers.  So I’m sitting here doing some more sketches and graphics for The Ten Thousand Tentacles Tee shirt line, there are some really great things that are gonna come out of this. I really hope you guys love and enjoy the shirts oh yeah and buy em! Don’t worry all shirts will be from $10 to $20 because I know how much I hate when a really cute shirt is over priced. I have testing all next week then once April is over things will easier to manage. Then almost summmer! & mi birthday :D. Oh yeah & theres this funny thing happening I heard that people dont think im real! I have never put a picture of myself on my blog so I’m very aware none of readers have any clue what I look like! And then I bought this really cute outfit today & took a picture & was planning on posting the picture on here but I can’t find my USB cord gah! Once I do I will post the photo :). Thanks again for taking the time to actually ready & care about this lol


I have so big giant huge ginormous news! So I am a big fan of random quirky tee shirts, and I have been a street team member for LivetoLove Apparel for about a year. A few months ago I got inspired and basically said “hey me & my friends love random tee shirts and I like getting creative, well lets make some shirts!”. About 2 weeks ago Ten Thousand Tentacles (yes thats what its called) online store was open. Well techinally not really because there are no shirts on there to order yet but I’m working on sketches that I will scan on here another time but for now let me just tease with some of my inspirations:

Well don’t you wonder what I’m up to now muhaha! I’m working on it you guys so get pumped check out the begining of my tee shirt line by visiting

Love it gotta have it!

You guys know the whole death of my old camera and for months I’ve been saving a looking for an upgrade, photography is something I was just really getting into before my camera became a corpse and dont wanna stop now! I’ve looked at the Fugi finepixS1500 the S700 and here is The Lomography Diana + F plastic camera set with every lens and peice made for this camera for only about $100. Avaliable at Urban Outfitters.


Hey guys! Just gonna share a couple of my favorite photo’s  this month, doubt I’ll have time to do it later school is crazaaaay! Haha thank you again for all the support and please give me your feedback I would love to hear it 😀


Hola blogger amigos! So life has been crazay lately, schools almost out but I have 9 test in get done in about 3 weeks, and other weird gossip and rumors and drama that are just wasting my little time these days! Sooo I’m sitting here watching the season finale part 1 of project runway and reflecting on my day which was pretty awesome because I had a bad Monday- Wednesday but my Thursday has turned out great! Moving on enough with me let me just get to the purpose of this post already! So like I said I’m sitting here watching project runway and I was thinking about who’s gonna win (I’m rooting for ….). I was thinking about my past favorite winners,  Christian Siriano (who buy they way has an amazing shoe line in Pay less coming out soon), and my alllll time favorite Jay McCarol. I remember seeing his winning collection on project runway when I was about 11 and absolutely loving every thing about it. When I was 11 I was obsessed with fashion designing and but times have changed obviously (haha more of the writer photographer type now).  Looking back I still love every part of it and maybe even more now. The colors, originality, the patterns, and the oddness that made it so beautiful. To this day I still love that he included spray painted old school earphones into his collection. I remember him explaining the concept to Tim Gunn how he included the earphones like this woman wearing these crazy clothes was in her own world, each woman had different earphones so each woman was different. I loved it, I love you Jay McCarol!


Zombie Jesus Day!

Happy Easter everyone!  So I decided to write a quick post while waiting for my mom to finish cooking. Since this year I became a vegitarian she’s getting a little more creative which is somewhat scary lol. The easter outfit was very important today, black jersey dress with gold pyramid studs across the waist band and black gladiator sandals. I felt just as pretty as I did when 7 years old too.  Just a quick question when jesus rose from the dead who said “Hide the eggs and paint em purple!”

Marc Jacobs! (for those who dont know I’m obsessed with his designs) in his own designer bunny ears. 🙂