Hola blogger amigos! So life has been crazay lately, schools almost out but I have 9 test in get done in about 3 weeks, and other weird gossip and rumors and drama that are just wasting my little time these days! Sooo I’m sitting here watching the season finale part 1 of project runway and reflecting on my day which was pretty awesome because I had a bad Monday- Wednesday but my Thursday has turned out great! Moving on enough with me let me just get to the purpose of this post already! So like I said I’m sitting here watching project runway and I was thinking about who’s gonna win (I’m rooting for ….). I was thinking about my past favorite winners,  Christian Siriano (who buy they way has an amazing shoe line in Pay less coming out soon), and my alllll time favorite Jay McCarol. I remember seeing his winning collection on project runway when I was about 11 and absolutely loving every thing about it. When I was 11 I was obsessed with fashion designing and but times have changed obviously (haha more of the writer photographer type now).  Looking back I still love every part of it and maybe even more now. The colors, originality, the patterns, and the oddness that made it so beautiful. To this day I still love that he included spray painted old school earphones into his collection. I remember him explaining the concept to Tim Gunn how he included the earphones like this woman wearing these crazy clothes was in her own world, each woman had different earphones so each woman was different. I loved it, I love you Jay McCarol!


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