Yeah that stupid song has been stuck in my head too! I won’t lie I bought Ke$ha’s album on itunes when it first came out, she can’t sing but she has some amazing producers who make all here songs really freaking catchy (if you have the album too my favorite song is Backstabber). But annnnywaaays that is not the purpose of this post. So all this week I have state testing if you live in Texas your aware of the god awful TAKS test we do. I got two done one more to do tommrow, and then less then a month until school is over yay! Wow it’s seems like I was just in 6th grade starting “Fourteen Magazine” (the former online fuzzyneonllama) now I’ll be a junior really soon and things are better then ever. Even though I’m extremely busy I’m excited for what up for me and the blog of course. I have another interveiw on Saturday with this great local band called Versecity, I heard them on the radio and talked tp their lead singer on facebook and am so excited! Then I’m still saving up for that dream camera that I will hopefully have by June 18th (day after my birth day & the day I fly off to all my amazing summer adventures), I really wanna get more into photography. Oh yeah and I posted how I’m working on my tee shirt line “Ten Thousand Tentacles”, I have about 14 sketches now I just have to make them, and since I’m just starting I have to do everything my self. So once I get the shirts, and make the graphics, and scan the sketches, and iron them on I’ll have my first batch ready to order yay! Well you guys I’m actually suppose to be working on a speech for my college class haha I’m such a procrasinator everyone have a safe and fun weekend. Let me know what your up to I love to hear from my readers follow me on twitter @Analovestwittuh

P.S. I put that random picture up because I saw that movie last weekend & it’s now my all time favorite movie, I love action movies omg it was amazing my movie of the year reccomend everyone to go see! BTW the man behind the mask Aaron Johnson is so  hot!

One thought on “Blahblahblah!

  1. Your worst nightmare says:

    Hey I really enjoy this blog sometimes I think about it at night when Im all alone 😉

    love you Toasty hehehehe

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