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You guys know how much I love sharing pics,videos, and random stuff in general. I thought this video was really cute, & the music is rather catchy you can find it on itunes or Enjoy!

P.S. if your a fan of Doctor Who like I am you’ll get the cardboard woman


So thank you to my good friendfor sharing this information with me that

 last night at the six flags show in Arlington ( I went to the one the night before in Houston it was so much fun!)  fans of all ages got MACED for having a good time at a concert. those douche bags at six flags have now banned ATL from that show in San Antonio for defending their fans and told the people that the band chose to not show up. complete crap.

In response to this on twitter

Benji Madden (who I kinda met that I’ll explain later) said “@AlexAllTimeLow I miss u. I miss everything about u. I miss ur musk. Whaddya say when this is all over me &U get a place together.”& with a little bordem & creativity and my friends picture picture I made this hopefully they reply I’ve been trying to get @alexalltimelow to reply to me on twitter forever!

Oh yuh one more thing, I have pics and video from Bamboozle 2010 & a vlog I made about it but I can’t seem to upload it but once I do hope you enjoy.  For now enjoy this picture I took with Alex from All Time Low but I my eyes were closed & the fact that he’s really tall and my really short made it all screwy arrrrgh!

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So as much as boys are annoying me right now other then my awesome dude friends who I love dearly the subject of this post is to show of some guy style that I’m loving. I already have a very androgenous style you’ll find me playing up alot of boyish masculine peice in my closet. I get inspired from guys like these (found on That’s my big brother to the left he was the one who inspired this post because ain’t he so stylish lol



Dudes, today was my last day of school…ya know what that means! It’s summer yaaaay! Hey thats me & my best fran over there on your left haha! You guys don’t know how excited I am, so much culture and colors everywhere. My favorite part of summer is all the freggin concerts I get to go to. I got out of school today and I’m freggin going to BAMBOOZLE tommrow! Out of concerts I meet new people, get to talk to bands (its not that hard people to get a meet your favorite band at a concert), get interveiws, I take tons of fun photgraphy. Music, people, photography, heart pumping music how could you not love that. And recently I downloaded the rest of the Manchester Orchetra “Means Everything to Nothing” album & love it soooo much. I’ll write a entire post about it later. Thank you readers for being patient with me as I run out of things to talk about. It’s not even that it’s more like I have so much to post on the blog I don’t know where to start. I know some amazing things are gonna come out of this summer. Like I did last summer i’m doing the “FUZZYNEONLLAMA Summer Series” post with nothing more then picture & videos, and small post expressing the beauty of summer & giving you guys advice or whatever. If any of you are going to concerts or shows this summer let me know, maybe I’ll be there!

P.S. go download the”Kick Ass” motion picture soundtrack it is an amazing set of music, and read the comics on line too I read the first 3 and loved them its such a great story and so visually capivating

Ha I wish!

I wish haha. Whats up bloggers, so sorry I havent really written any new post lately I’ve kinda had a bit of a writers block and all I’ve been thinking about is summmmer! Which I’m very excited for, especially all the amazing hippie clothes I get to wear and hot sweaty outside (and inside) concerts I’ll be going to. My birthday is June 17th you guys, and I leave to go spend the summer in Orange County, California (like I have every summer since I was 3 years old), which by the way is absoutely nothing like that show “The OC”. It’s full of old people, and teenagers that are just trying to find stuff to do everyday. Anywho! I got a new laptop everyone. My very own one with a webcam and all, it was a super early birthday present but I’m excited that I have one of my own now (hey I’m typing on it now!) because now I can do alot more now without worry about my computer screwing up. Even signed up for skype, which is addictive when you have alot of friends on there, atleast my phone bill will go down yay! Also I have really been trying to find the time to my apparel line “TenThousandTentacles” up and running but its harder then I thought, especially since I lost my designs gaaaar. Oh yeah a couple of my readers were wondering what I was look like since there is no actuall picture of me on the site lol. Sorry about that. Also I have a question, do you think I should vlog some of my post now that I have a webcam, let me know thanks!

Haha this is so late sorry!

Haha I went to the AP Tour a month ago, but I’m just uploading the pictures now haha I’m sorrrry guys! I wanted to give you the whole story, including how I almost died crowd surfing to Never Shout Never haha but I think that say’s enough. Umm I met the Cab got their autography, was 2 inches away from NSN & he simply “hey” and I was like “what just happen!?” haha. Enjoy the pictures though! (Hey thats me on the right! But I look fugly so its not a great pic lol)

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That boy he’s whoa, he lives with whoa

Hey you guys sooooo much has happened so I’m spending the time tonight updating this thang! (man I’ve lived in Texas too long lol).  So the sound on my computer is somewhat working again, so yesterday all I did was listen to music! Yay! Say Anything, Mayday Parade, Manchester Orchestra, Never Shout Never, Versecity (who’s show I went to Saturday & was amazing! post about it on here soon) My Children My Bride, Taylor Swift, just loved it all! I love the “Punk Goes…” series so I was so excited when Punk Goes Classic Rock came out last week & then I found Punk Goes Acoustic and has had this one song stuck in my head all day. The acoustic version of Woe by Say Anything. I love music because it says what you didn’t even know you needed to say. I very much appreciategood lyrics more then anything, the beat suck but the if the lyrics take me away I’m sold. I loved these lyrics because they told a story and it wasn’t all serious but still sounded beautiful. I just wanted to share with you guys pretty much:

All the words in my mouth that the scene deemed unworthy of letting out banded together. To form a makeshift militia and burrowed bloodily through my tongue and my teeth.So I stood proud in the gallery with my open socket of a mouth for them to see.They all just laughed and said “That boy , he, that boy’s got woe.(woe.) He lives with woe.(woe.)” And this girl who I met whose pride makes her hard to forget, She took pity on me (horizontally) but most likely because of my band.(hey) It’s all I can get when I’m lonely and these visions of death seem to own me In the quiet of the classrooms all across the stacked United States of Woe. We live with woe. She said “I can’t get laid in this town without these pointy effin shoes. My feet are so black and blue and so are you.” Please take me out of my body up through the palm trees to smell California in sweet hypocrisy. Floating. My senses surround my body. I wake my nose to smell that ocean burn. So now I’m forging ahead past all the plutocrats who sold me out. Go sob in your bed. If life is twice as pretty once your dead then send me a card. I’m still the optimist though it is hard when all you want to be is in a dream.

Say Anything is one of my fave bands check em out please!