Ha I wish!

I wish haha. Whats up bloggers, so sorry I havent really written any new post lately I’ve kinda had a bit of a writers block and all I’ve been thinking about is summmmer! Which I’m very excited for, especially all the amazing hippie clothes I get to wear and hot sweaty outside (and inside) concerts I’ll be going to. My birthday is June 17th you guys, and I leave to go spend the summer in Orange County, California (like I have every summer since I was 3 years old), which by the way is absoutely nothing like that show “The OC”. It’s full of old people, and teenagers that are just trying to find stuff to do everyday. Anywho! I got a new laptop everyone. My very own one with a webcam and all, it was a super early birthday present but I’m excited that I have one of my own now (hey I’m typing on it now!) because now I can do alot more now without worry about my computer screwing up. Even signed up for skype, which is addictive when you have alot of friends on there, atleast my phone bill will go down yay! Also I have really been trying to find the time to my apparel line “TenThousandTentacles” up and running but its harder then I thought, especially since I lost my designs gaaaar. Oh yeah a couple of my readers were wondering what I was look like since there is no actuall picture of me on the site lol. Sorry about that. Also I have a question, do you think I should vlog some of my post now that I have a webcam, let me know thanks!

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