So thank you to my good friendfor sharing this information with me that

 last night at the six flags show in Arlington ( I went to the one the night before in Houston it was so much fun!)  fans of all ages got MACED for having a good time at a concert. those douche bags at six flags have now banned ATL from that show in San Antonio for defending their fans and told the people that the band chose to not show up. complete crap.

In response to this on twitter

Benji Madden (who I kinda met that I’ll explain later) said “@AlexAllTimeLow I miss u. I miss everything about u. I miss ur musk. Whaddya say when this is all over me &U get a place together.”& with a little bordem & creativity and my friends picture picture I made this hopefully they reply I’ve been trying to get @alexalltimelow to reply to me on twitter forever!

Oh yuh one more thing, I have pics and video from Bamboozle 2010 & a vlog I made about it but I can’t seem to upload it but once I do hope you enjoy.  For now enjoy this picture I took with Alex from All Time Low but I my eyes were closed & the fact that he’s really tall and my really short made it all screwy arrrrgh!

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