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California Adventures…kinda

okay a few semi-exciting things happened

1. Because my laptop that I’ve had for like amonth has a webcam glitch & often frozen mousepad , so my grandfather who bought it for me is forcing me to return in. At first I was really bummed because it may be weird but I’ve kinda bonded with my laptop and all its imperfections I know how to handle it & I have so much stuff on here already I didnt want to have to start over and reload it. But on the plus side I might be getting a Macbook because my grandmother suggested it because it has no glitches

b. Yesterday I went to the mall got a few really cute things, got a pair of high heeled cowboy boots (idk why I’ve always wanted some I mean I live in Texas why not!?) but when I got home I learned they were not indeed size  7 like it said on the tag but a size 9, which I will never fit into and there were on sale and I can only exchange them. Sadly for me when I left they’re  only 3 pair left which I pray are not gone and alteast one in my size. That sucks because they’re really cute boot gah! Don’t you hate when that happens

3. After the mall I went to the store of giant proportions!…Costo. Where as I was eating a sample of Pop Chips I lady simply asked me how old I was nibbling on these pop chips (very good by they way, vegitarian friendly too!) but heres the scary party she was a talent scout from disney channel and was intrested in me for an audition. Oh the strange things that happen in California. This was very funny to me becasue I am not like a disney channel kid & I looked like crap when I went to Costco, every one said I should go & I did consider going but I have plans today sooo moving on…blog worthy though right!

4. I have my actual first day of work tommrow, I had orentation Thursday which was a blast! Monday my actual first day with kids and the big thang! I work at a day camp inside of Wild Rivers water park in Cali, come find me anytime I won’t get you in free but I’ll talk to you ferr sure.

c. Speaking of when I went to the mall it was the first time I got NOTICED, ahhh how exciting. I walked into American Eagle and a girl stopped me and asked if I wrote a blog, I said yuh of course! She asked me “do you write for” omg yessss! haha she just told me how she reads my blog alot and really likes it so that was cool.  :]

Well that was all, hmm I’m still in my PJ’s and I think were going horse back riding today idk, I need to figure out what to do with my boots today too…peace out girl scouts

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Haha I’m calling this post troppers because it’s really difficult to be a really good blogger, I finally feel comfortable about my blog not because of all you amazing guys who read it everyday, but because its something I love doing & its not just work for me anymore. I met so many new people, and talked to many great bands, and I have done so many thing I never thought I would do, and most of the time its for the blog! These bloggers and their blogs are my faveorite because they work hard and our dedicated to it, and some are small some are bigger some are pointless some have a purpose but their all troppers :] (the last two are friends of mine & I’m really proud of my friend Alexis for be commited to hers & working hard on it go girl!) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Bend or Break

Listening to Bend or Break by The Secret Secret Dino Club, I’m always listening to something so I decided to just make my blog titles on whatever I’m listening to at the time. But thats also kinda a downside, because with music anytime something really good or really bad happens I listen to music. But as I was listening to my ipod most of my faveorite songs I listened to in the good and bad of my last relationship, I was sitting there kinda just like “Ugh this song reminds me of that time…” or “…ohmygod I still love this song but it kinda annoys me because it’s a Chris song”. Anyone else like that with music hmm maybe just me? I saw Toy Story 3 today finally, it was so good, haha you shoulda seen me I was so giddy! Sorry you guys this is just a pointless blog. My best friend is in Egypt right so who am I suppose to tell all of this to, my reader cause I love you guys :]. Haha but there was a point to this post, to inform you guys that I know its a little early but my mom is judge at South by South West next year, she taking me too! I’m so excited I’ve never been to SXSW but I love Austin, & as many post I do about band, music, & concerts constantly I will just full of giddyness going to and covering that! Also I am shutting down my apparel line tommrow, awwww! I started work yesterday & I love it & its really fun but I wont have time to keep up with tee shirt designing. Well I have been playing with my grandpa’s Nikon Coolpix 5700 all day that is never uses so he should give it to me! Cause I don’t have one, nor money to buy a new one, and I so miss photography!

 PS: does anyone know how to fix a built in webcam on a PC laptop, every time I open the program it says “failed to find camera” but its built in so ummm… and it was working perfectly fine before! SOS!

bad news baby

Hey guys sorry I haven’t had many post lately well not any good ones recently, so I start my summer job tommrow at a water park (sweet right!?)  so I’m going to try to have fun and do a couple of post tonight that ‘ve been wanting t do for a looong time. So sadly I think I may shut down my apparel line “10thousandtentacles” I don’t have as much time and energy for it as much as I would like to,and because of that I’ve been lacking on updating it so I haven’t gotten many sales. I think I might do a going out of buisness sale then that will be it!Sorry you guys! I had alot of fun making the shirts, maybe I’ll try it again but these days I have so many things to do I’m trying to get rid of the things that aren’t super important. Thanks for understanding :]. BTW I love my readers so much you have no idea, I have over 13,000 veiws thats alooot to me & this started off as a small little stupid blog, and turned into this super passionate crazy website!


Can you inherit insomnia, I’ve had it for like 4 days and its driving me insane thats why I’m STILL UP, anyways… every now in then I get clusters of question via email or twitter, not that I really need to keep up with another website but this seemed like an easier way to get some of your random questions in blog related or not! Doesn’t matter just send them all there and I am sure to answer them :]



You guys know how much I love to share my favorite  photography every now & then so here ya go enjoy!

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Thank you Mitchel Davis of making me love the font Helvetica, I never thought I could love a font but apperently I do. But I also love and your tee shirts (also in helvtica!)

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Cali-forn-i-a & Silly Bands!

At the moment I’m watching my little sister & cousin wrestle in the middle of my nana’s living room. Where am I? I’m in Orange County, California again, I actaully love this place but at the time I am fairly bored. Though I had a great day. Was at the pool all day, been watching reality tv all night, gonna go to my favorite frozen yogurt place to put the cherry on top (the yogurt place is called cherry on top too!). Pointless blogging, which isnt like me but I have nothing else to do. I landed in California yesterday and it felt so good to be back. Other then the lawyer lady who was talking my ear off  on the plane I had a great flight. Something about Los Angeles gives me andrenaline rush of joy. Nothing blog worthy going on yet, next week I’m pretty busy, but the week after I have work at a summer camp. Gonna try to go to some concerts out here (Miley Cyrus is at the House of Blues here today funny right). I’m going shopping at here at some great places, definately will be blogging about thats. Oh yeah I got silly band yesterday, haha I saw that at the store and had to get them not as much as I want to get the Toy Story 3 silly bands. Yes I just turned 16 and wants toy story 3 silly bands don’t judge me, I just like random stuff :). Well gonna go see whats on Netflix instant to finish off my night. Goodnight guys. Oh yeah question of the day, who would you not freak out about seeing on the streets of Hollywood. My answer is Justin Beiber, I kind of just wanna give him a regular day.

“I’m not a robot”

Marina & the Diamonds- I’m not a robot, quite a good song check it out ;). Hahaha annnyways…hows everyone summer going??? Hey leave me a comment about a song your really enjoying right now, that you feel the world should check out. But thats not the point of this post I felt like I need to write another one because my friends Alexis ( trumped me by wrinting 4 in like freggin 4 seconds haha nah & because just updating you on whats going on. Saturday I did not go to the Versecity show to get that interveiw like I said I was gonna I’m sorry guys I was busy, well not really more like lazy but same thing! Sunday I went to Galveston beach and had such a good time just relaxing. I just swam & swam until my feet couldnt feel the bottom of the ocean anymore, it was soooo relaxing. Hey Alexis we need to go Galveston beach together one day kay! Also you guuuuys I have no sale on my teeshirt line whats going on, do they suck or am I  just not advertising well enough. Here it is again ,bam pow poom (poom? yuh where did that come from)! Haha I dunno just a random post for you guys. Remember give my feedback oh yeah  & my birthday is this Thursday & I leave for my yearly trip to California! So excites for both:D

P.S. I’ve been obsessed with this song by Cady Groves (who I also saw at bamboozle10′) called Like A Soilder it took me all last night to learn the lyrics and then I sang it perfectly & recorded it might put it up later I’m not sure yet.

Are these not amazing!

A pair of heels from designer Dsquared. There has only been been one pair of shoes on my list of shoes to get before I die (a pair Channel light bulb shoes) but now these have just been added. Their amazing and twisted and beautiful and unique and I looooove them.