So I haven’t done a photography story in awhile its odd. Anyways as I am still having trouble finding my perfect camera (that’s him with the camera fae above), I am jealous of my friend Ryan Garner though who is using his like crazy. Even though he’s 15 he’s a seasoned photographer and just watching this kid go is amazing. He’ll take and exit sign and turn it into a work of art that should be hanging in a gallery in New York. I’m very proud of Ryan so that’s why I’m featuring him as my photographer of the month, he recently did some shots for my sweet 16 which I still haven’t got yet ehem! I didn’t ask him if I can write this post about him or publish his pictures haha but its okay he’ll still love me! Tell me what you guys think of his picture or if you have any question just ask. Here’s just a few of his amazing photos from my best fran Ryan:)




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