Okay I got a request about another question & answers post because I guess your entertained by these i’m not sure why

1.Why did you start blogging??

I dont know! When I was like 13 my mom started blogging but heres was about mom stuff & boring so I started my own blog, then it was lame about my hard teenage life yuh right haha at 13! Now it’s grown into this great place where I can share what I’m really passionate about

2.What happened to the teeshirt line???

I did find the twenty something sketches I have & I was really excited about making them come to life on a teeshirt, but I haven’t had time plus my printer is broken so printing the designs to iron on the shirts isn’t really happeneing right now. So at the moment “TenThousandTentacles” teeshirt line is on hold sorry!

3. What bands have you met???

Met not seen right? Um The Cab, Nevershoutnever, Versecity, Beji Madden, Alex from All Time Low, Hey Monday,John from The Maine, & I feel like I’m missing some

4. How many shows have you been to???

Lost count, ha! But I will honestly tell you my very first concert was when I was nine & I went to go see Lil Bow Wow lol

5. Whats a song you will never get sick off??

Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody

6. Do you sing or write music at all???

I use too in middle school, it was really bad me & my friend thought it was amazing though. Yes I can sing tried out for my talent show last year and actually made it surprisingly (note: I sang all my loving by The Beatles). Um I’m writing a song now, just because I recently went through some stuff with my jerk face ex who I was friends with but nevermind lol (yeah I said it! lol I don’t think he reads my blog anyways) so I needed to write about it in some form

7.What are you listening alot to right now??

Um my learn easy italian lessons (i knew it I’m trying to relearn), Forever The Sickest Kids, Second Hand Serenade, My Children My Bride, & Good Charlotte!

8.Do you have any tatoos/ peircings?

Other then my two holes in each ear nope haha! My brother is a tatoo artist so I’m trying to convince the madre to let me get a small one, and I’m planning on getting a monroe after I get my braces off.

Kay Anything else!? You guys can reach me on twitter @Analovestwittuh if you have anymore questions or comments!

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