“the young & the hopeless”

Haha which is what I’m listening to right now, amazing Good Charlotte album. Who I still can’t belive I saw at Bamboozle, they were so amazing live that picture below I took with my phone!  Yes I was that close, and Benji cooly said hey & patted my friend Alexis’s (http://www.thatalexisgirl.wordpress.com)  back because she’s met him before and I was kind of  just standing there starstruck which is so unlike me! Anywho I had another one of those “god I love music so much!’ moments. I’ve kinda been out of tune with my musically passionate side but it hit me again today. I went to half priced books for now specific reason but to go & went straight to MY section. The front the store on the right side is dedicated to old records, cd’s, cassests, and commmmmics! By the way people half priced books is the best place to go for good and music and comics, because their all kind of old & used they’re even better…haha in my opinion. I found some Beastie Boys, some Beatles, The Doors, even Cute is What We Aim For, a whole lot of Old Good Charlotte but of course I bought the young and the hopeless album which has most of the songs that I like, & I didn’t understand why I didn’t own it yet… five bucks, BAM amazing music! I was gonna use that money for a new eyeliner but I’ll invest in good music over makeup anyday! Okay okay your probably like whats the point of the post. Does there have to be one!? Moments like these are moments I live for, when I remeber how much music drives my life when I found amazing albums with heart & sould. When I just do “damn! this stuff is good!” not like its Boca Burger or anything lol but like hmm its hard to explain but if your a music enthusiast you know that feeling too. That was about it enjoy remeber I love feedback!

PS. I’n trying to get that Bamboozle video up, but I’m having some techicall difficulties ggrrr!

PSS. Going to another show next Saturday at one of my favorite place Fitzgeralds really excited for that, Fitz is where I discovered how much I love music & wanted to be a music journalist :]

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