“New York, California, & Nowhere in between”

Hey guys! So thanks so much for all the love on the recent post, got a few emails, tweets, and stuff. Keep giving me feedback I love it! Right now I’m at my parental parental’s house (grandparents) bored outta my mind, and it is raining, so today is really no fun for me. I’m here for 2 more day while my mom is at a buisness trip in California which I am off to June 18 yay! I highly enjoy going every year & I am very excited this year because I’ll be off the plane freshly 16 years old because my birthday is the day before I leave. Double yay! But before any of this can happen I have some other great plans. Sadly its only been a week and a half of summer for me (feels so much longers though!) , and so far I’ve had quite a bit of fun. This weekend I am going to Galveston Beach (I think the only beach we have in Texas) with a couple of friends which I’m so excites for …pause! Haha kay I’m texting my friend Daniel & listening to Dr. Acula “The Social Event of the Century” album right now so I’m kind of distracted while writing this post (click the blue text & listen I personally think its a great album!). What was I saying, oh yuh Galveston then that night I am going to one of my favorite live music spots Fitzgeralds (if you live in Houston check it out) to see Versecity a band who I’ve kind of become friends with, and I’m really excited to see those guys again. Well guys sorry this was just kind of a ramble, I have nothing else to do here and just wanted to update everyone on whats going on. Hopefully I’ll have my new camera soon  (yes I found one!) so I can continue my love for photography again. And so it is :]

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