Tee Shirt line is up & running!

Hey guys! I just finished watching Zombieland and I don’t really talk about movies alot on here unless I love them (ehem Kick Ass!) , and Zombieland was really good. Really gross and goorey but in a visually beautiful way. In an odd way I kind like movies with alot of blood because if the blood is done right its really pretty in way. Anyways it was a really good movie highly recomended and if ya think about it it would be really fun to play a zombie, now on my list of things to do in life for sure. But that is not what this post if for, this post is for the great big announcement that my tee shirt line “10thousandtentacles” is no longer on hold, and is actually finished. Yes I spent all night last night working on about 10 designs. Which let me tell you transfering your vision in a sketch to a design on an actual computer takes alot of effort and time, but it looked amazing in the end. Sadly I made 10 designs but with the layout I picked for the website I can only put 5 up at a time. So there are now 4 teeshirt designs and 1 stickers up for sale on http://10thousandtentacles.bigcartel.com/ woohoo! I’m so proud of my self and I hope you guys enjoy my designs, I added my simple ones first just to see what gets sold most and how people respond to it. I hope you love it just as much as I do, give me your feedback, ideas, or even better buy one! Because I’m not just selling these shirts to make money I’m selling them for people to see kind of inside my weird head in a new way. Enjoy & I’m so excited to see how this goes!

PS: all my shirts are unisex and only come and black and white if I didn’t mention that on the site sorry!

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