“I’m not a robot”

Marina & the Diamonds- I’m not a robot, quite a good song check it out ;). Hahaha annnyways…hows everyone summer going??? Hey leave me a comment about a song your really enjoying right now, that you feel the world should check out. But thats not the point of this post I felt like I need to write another one because my friends Alexis (http://www.thatgirlalexis.wordpress.com) trumped me by wrinting 4 in like freggin 4 seconds haha nah & because just updating you on whats going on. Saturday I did not go to the Versecity show to get that interveiw like I said I was gonna I’m sorry guys I was busy, well not really more like lazy but same thing! Sunday I went to Galveston beach and had such a good time just relaxing. I just swam & swam until my feet couldnt feel the bottom of the ocean anymore, it was soooo relaxing. Hey Alexis we need to go Galveston beach together one day kay! Also you guuuuys I have no sale on my teeshirt line whats going on, do they suck or am I  just not advertising well enough. Here it is again http://10thousandtentacles.bigcartel.com ,bam pow poom (poom? yuh where did that come from)! Haha I dunno just a random post for you guys. Remember give my feedback oh yeah  & my birthday is this Thursday & I leave for my yearly trip to California! So excites for both:D

P.S. I’ve been obsessed with this song by Cady Groves (who I also saw at bamboozle10′) called Like A Soilder it took me all last night to learn the lyrics and then I sang it perfectly & recorded it might put it up later I’m not sure yet.

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