Cali-forn-i-a & Silly Bands!

At the moment I’m watching my little sister & cousin wrestle in the middle of my nana’s living room. Where am I? I’m in Orange County, California again, I actaully love this place but at the time I am fairly bored. Though I had a great day. Was at the pool all day, been watching reality tv all night, gonna go to my favorite frozen yogurt place to put the cherry on top (the yogurt place is called cherry on top too!). Pointless blogging, which isnt like me but I have nothing else to do. I landed in California yesterday and it felt so good to be back. Other then the lawyer lady who was talking my ear off  on the plane I had a great flight. Something about Los Angeles gives me andrenaline rush of joy. Nothing blog worthy going on yet, next week I’m pretty busy, but the week after I have work at a summer camp. Gonna try to go to some concerts out here (Miley Cyrus is at the House of Blues here today funny right). I’m going shopping at here at some great places, definately will be blogging about thats. Oh yeah I got silly band yesterday, haha I saw that at the store and had to get them not as much as I want to get the Toy Story 3 silly bands. Yes I just turned 16 and wants toy story 3 silly bands don’t judge me, I just like random stuff :). Well gonna go see whats on Netflix instant to finish off my night. Goodnight guys. Oh yeah question of the day, who would you not freak out about seeing on the streets of Hollywood. My answer is Justin Beiber, I kind of just wanna give him a regular day.

One thought on “Cali-forn-i-a & Silly Bands!

  1. Thank you for your post.
    I have never know before about this silly bandz story.Very hit both children and adult.
    Thank again.It is very interested.

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