bad news baby

Hey guys sorry I haven’t had many post lately well not any good ones recently, so I start my summer job tommrow at a water park (sweet right!?)  so I’m going to try to have fun and do a couple of post tonight that ‘ve been wanting t do for a looong time. So sadly I think I may shut down my apparel line “10thousandtentacles” I don’t have as much time and energy for it as much as I would like to,and because of that I’ve been lacking on updating it so I haven’t gotten many sales. I think I might do a going out of buisness sale then that will be it!Sorry you guys! I had alot of fun making the shirts, maybe I’ll try it again but these days I have so many things to do I’m trying to get rid of the things that aren’t super important. Thanks for understanding :]. BTW I love my readers so much you have no idea, I have over 13,000 veiws thats alooot to me & this started off as a small little stupid blog, and turned into this super passionate crazy website!

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