Bend or Break

Listening to Bend or Break by The Secret Secret Dino Club, I’m always listening to something so I decided to just make my blog titles on whatever I’m listening to at the time. But thats also kinda a downside, because with music anytime something really good or really bad happens I listen to music. But as I was listening to my ipod most of my faveorite songs I listened to in the good and bad of my last relationship, I was sitting there kinda just like “Ugh this song reminds me of that time…” or “…ohmygod I still love this song but it kinda annoys me because it’s a Chris song”. Anyone else like that with music hmm maybe just me? I saw Toy Story 3 today finally, it was so good, haha you shoulda seen me I was so giddy! Sorry you guys this is just a pointless blog. My best friend is in Egypt right so who am I suppose to tell all of this to, my reader cause I love you guys :]. Haha but there was a point to this post, to inform you guys that I know its a little early but my mom is judge at South by South West next year, she taking me too! I’m so excited I’ve never been to SXSW but I love Austin, & as many post I do about band, music, & concerts constantly I will just full of giddyness going to and covering that! Also I am shutting down my apparel line tommrow, awwww! I started work yesterday & I love it & its really fun but I wont have time to keep up with tee shirt designing. Well I have been playing with my grandpa’s Nikon Coolpix 5700 all day that is never uses so he should give it to me! Cause I don’t have one, nor money to buy a new one, and I so miss photography!

 PS: does anyone know how to fix a built in webcam on a PC laptop, every time I open the program it says “failed to find camera” but its built in so ummm… and it was working perfectly fine before! SOS!

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