California Adventures…kinda

okay a few semi-exciting things happened

1. Because my laptop that I’ve had for like amonth has a webcam glitch & often frozen mousepad , so my grandfather who bought it for me is forcing me to return in. At first I was really bummed because it may be weird but I’ve kinda bonded with my laptop and all its imperfections I know how to handle it & I have so much stuff on here already I didnt want to have to start over and reload it. But on the plus side I might be getting a Macbook because my grandmother suggested it because it has no glitches

b. Yesterday I went to the mall got a few really cute things, got a pair of high heeled cowboy boots (idk why I’ve always wanted some I mean I live in Texas why not!?) but when I got home I learned they were not indeed size  7 like it said on the tag but a size 9, which I will never fit into and there were on sale and I can only exchange them. Sadly for me when I left they’re  only 3 pair left which I pray are not gone and alteast one in my size. That sucks because they’re really cute boot gah! Don’t you hate when that happens

3. After the mall I went to the store of giant proportions!…Costo. Where as I was eating a sample of Pop Chips I lady simply asked me how old I was nibbling on these pop chips (very good by they way, vegitarian friendly too!) but heres the scary party she was a talent scout from disney channel and was intrested in me for an audition. Oh the strange things that happen in California. This was very funny to me becasue I am not like a disney channel kid & I looked like crap when I went to Costco, every one said I should go & I did consider going but I have plans today sooo moving on…blog worthy though right!

4. I have my actual first day of work tommrow, I had orentation Thursday which was a blast! Monday my actual first day with kids and the big thang! I work at a day camp inside of Wild Rivers water park in Cali, come find me anytime I won’t get you in free but I’ll talk to you ferr sure.

c. Speaking of when I went to the mall it was the first time I got NOTICED, ahhh how exciting. I walked into American Eagle and a girl stopped me and asked if I wrote a blog, I said yuh of course! She asked me “do you write for” omg yessss! haha she just told me how she reads my blog alot and really likes it so that was cool.  :]

Well that was all, hmm I’m still in my PJ’s and I think were going horse back riding today idk, I need to figure out what to do with my boots today too…peace out girl scouts

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