more apparel news!

Okay I wanted to do a quick post before I go to sleep, and I actually mean quick & I will go to sleep ha. I did annonce that I was shutting down “10thousandtentacles” my apparel line that didn’t get much love :/. Eh? Anywayyyssss my very good triple o.g. or friend if you want to be all fancy ,Alexis ( is awesome and came up with an awesome idea. That we do a new line together. I’ve always loved random teeshirts, that you can put on with a pair of jeans or shorts and feels like the shizzle. Were both full of ideas so when we combine then they’ll be pretty great I’m guessing ( and hoping). Alexis is dreaming big, that our line will be so sucessful that we’ll tour with bands to sell our merch, wow maybe that would be cool :]

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