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Listening to Threshold by Sex Bob-omb for the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack to get pumped up for school tommrow. Yes I indeed go back to school tommrow,and dangit I’m excited! I’m curious to see the adventures of junior year. I love seeing people after 3 months of not seeing them because everyone surprisingly changes physically alot. Sooo I’m going to try to keep up with the site, but my regular readers know that I tend to lag on post when the school year starts. Yea I don’t like it either :/. There’s alot going on this year though I’m taking drivers ed (yes I know Im behind), taking SAT prep classes during the weekend, homework, and tiredness, I have my youtube channel which is doing really well ( and my upcoming apparel line with Alexis ( which were both really excited about. So if things get too busy I’ll try but I doubt I’ll have time to do the post I love, apology ahead of time. Moving on this is a sad subject for me ha! I figured out what I’m gonna where for school, its a great outfit for 97 degree weather in my opinion. 75% at school I’m outside so I wanted to be comfortable but keep it funky lol. Well I gotta go you guys, I LOVE my readers more then you know. I’m about to hit the 14.000 veiws mark thats freggin amazing! Let me know how your first day of school goes, or whatever bye ūüėõ

there is no better escape…

…then music, no drug, no lover, no book ,nor swing can do the same thing as a song that clears your head and fills your ears. Or fills your head with new thought you never knew you could have and clears your ears with nothing but that beat that now posses the same rythm as your heart. Broken heart? Listen to a song who bass has such broken edges you can’t help but have a one person mosh party. No emotion can compare to the one you have when the chorus is so dang catchy its all you breathe and hear and mumble. I would continue but I recently have song so good in my earphones that I’m just letting it hold me like a baby, or swallow me like a musical godzilla. This may all be phsycobabble to you, but to me it an escape.


Okay so weather you like to admit or not, alot of movie soundtracks these days have nothing to do with the movie, and none but one of those really cheesey songs was actually in the movie. “Kick- Ass” & “Scott Pilgrim vs The world” having aaaamazing soundtracks (amazing movies too) , and the music on them actually is in the movie! all, of it dude. This is the way soundtracks need to be made. I’m must get both to start off my school year on a high note. At the moment I’m jammin to “Garbage Truck” by Sex Bomb-omb from Scott Pilgrim and “Make me wanna die” by the pretty wreckless from Kick Ass. Agh moments like these make me remember why I want to be a music journalist. Cause music like this, makes your heart stop for a minute and then starts pounding so hard to the beat your a now¬†part of the song. Literally! Haha just thought I’d share

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Is it weird that these girls are my inspiration, they’re not afraid to be themselves ,

 they became sucessful with their own ideas and talent, even when they were little they

 had big dreams, and you never read negative press about them and they never say

 negative stuff about the press. Classy Girls with a twist my idols :]

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Hey internet whatchadoin, ha! Obviously reading this which I dont see whyyy but I’m so grateful for anyways, my readers are amazing, yup your amazing ;). Moving on so school starts for me in a week and 3 days aaaagh! But I am very excited for my junior year YESSSS, its gonna be alot of work but also alot of also alot of fun. And I will not and refuse to deal with drama or negativety this year (unlike last year ehem)¬†or I will go completly freggin mental ha! I have yet to go school clothes shopping, which is somewhat worrying me because I really just want to get some new clothes already. Not that I dont have alot of clothes already lol but a girl never can have enough! Thanks for reading this pointless rant ha. I have to go get ready I’m going to a Hillsong United concert tonight & I’m so stoked!

should I go “ginger”!?

Everysince I was little I’ve been awestruck by redheads, yeah yeah I know lots of people don’t like¬†my friend¬†thatgirlalexis like to call them “gingers”, I even know some red heads who don’t like being red heads. I’m not a big fan of the color red, there is like nothing red in my closet except for a pair of heels (everygirl has to have a pair of red heels its a must!). Buuut I forever wanted to be a redhead because its just the most beautiful hair color too me! Should I dye, my hair red, and if so which shade because if I’m going red I’m going all out. I’m the type of person who loves my hair color, and I got lots of compliments and questions about my natural haircolor of many diffrent shades of brown and I always say I’m never gonna dye it (though I bleached a bit of it last year). Yet¬†I think its time to be a bit daring :] leave a comment and give me some advice


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Okay so my friend is probably gonna literally kill me, for putting this up like I just punched her in the boob and she wants to murder me now lol. Buut here is her blog, and she sent me a link of her singing¬† I thought it sounded amazing she doesnt believe me though! Leave a comment, telling me what you think and I’ll get the word back to her. I definately dont have any of the guts to even put my recordings of me singing on my computer ha so I’m quite proud of my friend cause she’s such an introver (if you don’t know what it means look it up! hint, I’m¬† extrovert). here is it give a listen to tell me what you think

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I think…

…Chole Moretz is the coolest girl in the movie industry right now ever. She’s not like your regular type cast Dakota Fanning little girl. In “Kick Ass” (my fave movie if you haven’t figured it out with past post ha!) she literally did and was an amazing actress as well. Aaaaand I love her style and her just sense of attitude, she may just be my idol even though she’s two years younger then me lol. Here is a video of her on NylonTV for Nylon Magazine (which I need to renew my subscrition for cause they’re awesome), that I really liked kay enjoy!

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