let’s update:]

Hi, I havent done a real blog post in a loooong time I miss you guys! Sadly I only have 3 more weeks of summer left, luckily I’m finally going to be a junior yaaaay! Just letting you guys know whats going on in the FNL world and on the schedule. I plan on going to the Versecity listening party at Jet Lounge on Wenesday, I really hope I can because thats exciting and as much as I talk to them I still havent gotten the chance to interveiw them garrr! Haha anywaaaaays me and alexis have not had the chance to work on our shirts yet but we thought of many ideas, and been talking on the phone back and fourth which is still awesome. I started up my youtube channel again, http://www/youtube.com/Fuzzyneonlama (yes one “l” in lama haha I spelled it wrong) all about beauty stuff, just for fun :] Going school shopping soon which I really exciting for me haha I think I’m a bit of a shopaholic. Love you guys your the best readers ever! Haha wait what!? Well you know what I mean 😀

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