I’m still here with the right girl

Listening to I’m Still here by Cady Groves, love her, love singing her songs, would love to see her at the Junction on Saturday (for those who live in Houston, Texas she’ll be at the Junction August 7th go check her out). I’m gonna try to get tickets and surprise my friend with them, because last time we saw her we didnt really like her, now were obsessed. Anyways do me a huge favor and go to http://www.thatgirlalexis.wordpress.com amd tell her that you love her, and not to think your creepy for saying that just that I want her to know that she is loved and cared for by strangers and friends no matter what she’s going through, kay thanks :D! Moving on, I will NOT be going to the listening party for Versecity tommrow at Jet Lounge, poo I know right! It would have been a great oppurtunity for me, and Fuzzyneonllama.com, and even my good band friends Versecity. Check them out still though. Hopefully I will be going to The Maine show August 17th at Warehouse Live, no I WILL go. Been listening to there new album I love it, I have all The Maine albums I’ve been a fan of theres since the beginning and I’ve only seen them once which is unexceptable so I must see them again and say hello to John :]. This post is basically just ranting about my musical news, and my friends, and whatnot :] Haha well I’m now I’m ending this post by listening The Maine– Right Girl, also super amazing song. Love you guys, my readers who have stuck with my madness this whole time you guys are awesome!

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