should I go “ginger”!?

Everysince I was little I’ve been awestruck by redheads, yeah yeah I know lots of people don’t like my friend thatgirlalexis like to call them “gingers”, I even know some red heads who don’t like being red heads. I’m not a big fan of the color red, there is like nothing red in my closet except for a pair of heels (everygirl has to have a pair of red heels its a must!). Buuut I forever wanted to be a redhead because its just the most beautiful hair color too me! Should I dye, my hair red, and if so which shade because if I’m going red I’m going all out. I’m the type of person who loves my hair color, and I got lots of compliments and questions about my natural haircolor of many diffrent shades of brown and I always say I’m never gonna dye it (though I bleached a bit of it last year). Yet I think its time to be a bit daring :] leave a comment and give me some advice


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