Hey internet whatchadoin, ha! Obviously reading this which I dont see whyyy but I’m so grateful for anyways, my readers are amazing, yup your amazing ;). Moving on so school starts for me in a week and 3 days aaaagh! But I am very excited for my junior year YESSSS, its gonna be alot of work but also alot of also alot of fun. And I will not and refuse to deal with drama or negativety this year (unlike last year ehem) or I will go completly freggin mental ha! I have yet to go school clothes shopping, which is somewhat worrying me because I really just want to get some new clothes already. Not that I dont have alot of clothes already lol but a girl never can have enough! Thanks for reading this pointless rant ha. I have to go get ready I’m going to a Hillsong United concert tonight & I’m so stoked!

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