Okay so weather you like to admit or not, alot of movie soundtracks these days have nothing to do with the movie, and none but one of those really cheesey songs was actually in the movie. “Kick- Ass” & “Scott Pilgrim vs The world” having aaaamazing soundtracks (amazing movies too) , and the music on them actually is in the movie! all, of it dude. This is the way soundtracks need to be made. I’m must get both to start off my school year on a high note. At the moment I’m jammin to “Garbage Truck” by Sex Bomb-omb from Scott Pilgrim and “Make me wanna die” by the pretty wreckless from Kick Ass. Agh moments like these make me remember why I want to be a music journalist. Cause music like this, makes your heart stop for a minute and then starts pounding so hard to the beat your a now part of the song. Literally! Haha just thought I’d share

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