Listening to Threshold by Sex Bob-omb for the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack to get pumped up for school tommrow. Yes I indeed go back to school tommrow,and dangit I’m excited! I’m curious to see the adventures of junior year. I love seeing people after 3 months of not seeing them because everyone surprisingly changes physically alot. Sooo I’m going to try to keep up with the site, but my regular readers know that I tend to lag on post when the school year starts. Yea I don’t like it either :/. There’s alot going on this year though I’m taking drivers ed (yes I know Im behind), taking SAT prep classes during the weekend, homework, and tiredness, I have my youtube channel which is doing really well ( and my upcoming apparel line with Alexis ( which were both really excited about. So if things get too busy I’ll try but I doubt I’ll have time to do the post I love, apology ahead of time. Moving on this is a sad subject for me ha! I figured out what I’m gonna where for school, its a great outfit for 97 degree weather in my opinion. 75% at school I’m outside so I wanted to be comfortable but keep it funky lol. Well I gotta go you guys, I LOVE my readers more then you know. I’m about to hit the 14.000 veiws mark thats freggin amazing! Let me know how your first day of school goes, or whatever bye 😛

One thought on “Threshold

  1. kaya says:

    LOVE,UR STALKER!!!!!! ❤

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