hey internet! I havent stayed up until 4am since summer, I did not miss my insomnia but I guess I can get more things done hah! While I’m up I have so good and bad news to inform you guys of but I always like to stay positive. Here are the good new’s:

1. I told you guys already but South by SouthWest is closer n closer I’m so flippin excited!

2. I found out yesterday I was invited to the 1st annual Houston Fashion Week, which is also awesome

3. The apparel like that I am doing with thatgirlalexis (http://www.thatgirlalexis.wordpress.com) is finally up & running! Well kind of, no physical site yet but designs are being made, we have a name, and a twitter http://twitter.com/WastedYouthApp (yes were Wasted Youth Apparel!)

4. http://www.youtube.com/fuzzyneonlama has been veryvery sucessful thanks subscribers!, if you have check it out go for it or not doesnt matter lol

OKay I know I just said I always stay positive but this now the bad news, but this bad news is actually a good thing

1. I will not be making youtube videos or blog post for a couple of weeks or a month or two, dont get too sad because…

I’m doing this because I hopefully will be working by next week, I’m offically hunting for my first real paying fold this or scoop that job, its a weird feeling. But I just want to figure out how to balance work and school for now, then get back to doing the things I love. And probably the first thing I am going to purchase with my paycheck is a new camera finally (fugi finepix s1500 here i come!) That is it, I’m not saying goodbye I’m just saying I’ll blog later :]


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