Guess what!? I’m baaaack, I was gone for awhile and said I wasn’t going to do any post for a few months but “nah nah nah homies be trippin fool” I have no idea what that means, but in simpler terms I’m going to be consistently blogging again. I miss you guys, I miss writing everyday, I miss sharing things I’m passionate about on my site that is like my baby. Some really super absoultely amazing things are happening. I’m going to HOUSTON FASHION WEEK. My first fashion show, Houstons first fashion week, first row, I’m full of first exciting things. I’m going to see 5 shows in one night, and I’m really excited for the Chole Doa show season 2 project runway winner. I will absolutely be covering it with lots of pictures and videos posted on here and youtube as soon as possible. And if I’m in any press I’d let you know that would be exciting huh!? Bummed I’m not going to the Christian Sirano show, but I love my mom so much for getting us VIP passes so I’m going to backstage hopefully running into the fabulous Christian. But how does one dress for a fashion week hmmm? I have so many ideas running through my cabeza, this is the one place where looking effortless is bad thing. The outfits that I love that I have no where else to wear them, I wear them here. So freggin excited ohmaggod! (This is one of the options that I have, with some knee high patent leather Steve Madden boots I die for)

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One thought on “ohmahgod!

  1. sagemag says:

    I’m so jealous that you’re going to Houston Fashion Week! Have fun and take loads of pictures.

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