Short Stories

Hello readers, sorry I havent written a post in awhile I’ve been oh so busy. But I have some good/bad news, however you would like to take it. For my technical writing class we have to make a blog and write short stories on it once a week. I told my teacher I already have a beautiful baby blog, and instead of making a new wordpress just continuning to use this one. So once a week I’ll have “homework” on here. I know this is my personal blog & I usually would never involve school and my personal work but it makes life much easier. Expect short stories once a week that i’m required to have for my class thats all :]

One thought on “Short Stories

  1. Mrs. Damani says:

    Hey Iyana,

    Just got a chance to really see all the great things happening on your blog. This is incredible! Can’t believe I never would’ve known about your blog if we hadn’t started the WordPress blogs in class today. Hope you don’t mind if I link your blog to my class website, under links, and show it off to my other classes? And on Tuesday, 7th period, I’d love for you to share your blog with the class, and give a few pointers and tips about what’s possible with WordPress blogs. If we have time tomorrow, Friday, perhaps you can do it then?

    A very impressed
    Mrs. Damani

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