Thoughts & Theories

I’m not really sure how to start, its upsetting me. I’m upsetting that this website use to be a place where all my creative crazy thoughts would spill out and erupt. Where my weird metaphorical style of writing was some how understood. I don’t enjoy it anymore its weird. I mean I enjoy this, its my baby, its my fuzzyneonllama baby but life has worn me down. I’ve gotten back up and put a smile on my face as always. I don’t do sadness its a emotion I’m unsure how to handle as well as all my other one. I’m a treasure chest basically full of gold and love, sadness is in there but buried deep deep deep in the bottom. I’ve been thinking alot lately, I mean I’m always thinking but deep thinking. I love writing because its something I can do and not care what people think where judgement it less of a problem then when I have typos. I was thinking of maybe deciding to major in something else like photography, or photo journalism, or even spontanously become a phyliosphy student. I have many scribbled down all over notebooks and post its, that may seem like silly teenage gibberish & babble but they are theories and deep thoughts that i like tapping into and anylizing. I know I just want to do something I’ll never stop loving, I feel like at some point I’m going to stop loving writing, I can feel. And also what my motives are for being so, well me. Maybe I’ll starts doing a thoughts and theories sorta thing on here, with my photography and see how I feel about it.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts & Theories

  1. 9hais22 says:

    I really love your blog. I like the way you just spill out all of your emotions and thoughts to explain how your feeling at the moment. Your writing really flows and I sense you are releasing a lot of the things that are on your mind. Great job!

  2. 7hais6 says:

    wow.. i really like the way you put so much emotion into your writing. keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. ndamani says:

    I think it’s ironic that even as you’re writing this post about not loving writing anymore, you’re passionate about it. So much, in fact, that it drew other readers in, and compelled us to comment.

    p.s. Philosophy and photo journalism both sound like great choices, btw 🙂

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