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Growing up with Harry Potter

Okay as eager as I am I’m a bit scared to see Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows because a couple of friends are telling me they’re terrified by Doby’s death scene (spoiler alert sorry!). If you haven’t atleast the read the last book don’t waste your time reading this, if you haven’t seen each of the movies at least one whole time don’t waste your time either. Of course you guys know I have to talk about HARRY POTTER. Seeing how this is the (part 1) last movie of the last book its like the end of my childhood! Okay I’ll be 100% honest, Harry Potter entered my life when I was about 7 years old and my big sister was assigned to read Harry Potter & The Sorcers Stone for class, and then my mom became obsessed with it. I was given a box set as a gift when I was like 9 but that was quickly stolen from me and I never really got into the books. They were my books but I was the only one in the house who hadn’t read them so that was an awkward dinner conversation for me lol. My best friend, my mom, my stepdad, my sister, and even my boyfriend are Harry Potter obsessed! There are literally 2 copies of each book in my house because my mom and stepdad can’t share a copy. Haha yes. Its just something I grew up with and always was into. Sadly I just now started reading the last book about 2 weeks ago & I’m like “why didn’t I get into these books before!?” well cause they were stolen from me lol. Theres no point of me starting from the beginning at the first book cause I know the stories and the characters & stuff. But now that I’m reading the last one I can cleary visualize each detail its amazing. I unfortunely havent gotten as far as I would like to because of school work, but I’m hoping to be atleast half way through by Thanksgiving. Hmmm since I’m up I guess I’ll go read now :] oh and go follow lord voldermort on twitter he’s halirous! P.S. I will one day marry Daniel Radcliff thats a fact ha!

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This is no Bridget Jones!

been OBESSED with this song all weekend! My god how much I love The Wombats check them out if you get a chance because they definately don’t get as much attention in the U.S. as they deserve

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his snazzy poems

okay so he probably won’t be too happy about this but oh well (LOL!), this is my boyfriend blog, he doesn’t write on it much but when he does it’s really god. He doesn’t believe me when I tell him his poems are reallly good, like they could be published good. This isn’t his best one that I’ve seen but I’ll encourage him to put some better one’s up for now here’s what he’s got on his blog & I thought it was really good regardless if he was my boyfriend or not. Let him know what you think too click righhht HERE



just a few of my favorite pictures I took at the Nevershoutnever & The Maine show I went to a couple weeks ago. Enjoy!

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to all 14,000 of you readers

you don’t know how much I apperciate it :] I pour my heart out into this blog and that people actually care & read it & I’ve been recoginzed for it is amazing. Who knew somehthing called Fuzzyneonllama would come so far? Ha.

my new definition of love, well relationships

People do not often know what they are looking when it comes to relationships. Most times…People in relationships are in them for all the wrong reasons. Our insecurities drive us to places we don’t need to be. Places we feel our insecurities are safe because those places are better than the place we’re in when we’re alone.We have all envisioned of the perfect situation with the right person, and once we get that….some of us turn around full circle and question it and act as if we are not satisfied. There are two themes that always emerge in human behaviour There are those that find it hard to let go, and hold on as long as possible.Then there those of us who do not want to get into too deep, and tend shy away from serious relationships.Some of us hang around for the comfort of having someone to be with. The fear of being alone tends to have people holding onto things they really should be letting go. The amount time that we invest in the relationships is also something we consider that keeps us right where we are, simply because most of us believe the old time saying: “Love isn’t easy to come by, you have to work for it.” When do you know when it’s enough? Should you always fight for a dying love? Things either grow stronger or they get weak and die. Sometimes it’s okay to let go. We tend to question the worth of the relationship…whether this person the right person? Will we ever be satisfied with what we have or are we content? Are we just waiting for the next best thing to come along? Sometimes a relationship just isn’t the place we want/need to be so we just up and leave… Truth is when it comes to emotions we are selfish people. In the process of getting to know each other we have habits of trying to find all the flaws to the situation we are dealing with. We subconsciously look for and identify negative traits/ pet peeves in the person so if given a reason to walk away we have one. These subconscious thoughts we have sometimes elude us, we give in into our lustful and most natural behaviours. This type of tunnel of vision behaviour has us contemplating and ignoring some opportunities that may be right in front of us and we miss out on them, because we are so focused on the dream. For those of us who are afraid to commit or who place our standards on the highest esteem (we’re allowed to do this; I believe one should never settle.) We cannot forget that we are from perfect ourselves, and what we want may not always want us. We all hold ourselves to the highest esteem, and when that glass shattered, our confidence and motivation suffers as well. We retreat into solitude and build a wall higher than the one that was up before. One that’s more solid and hard to conquer, eventually we forget what it was for, and why it was up and we become afraid to see what is on the other side, afraid to take chances. I am not saying that love and relationships are bad. The fact is they are complicated. Love is ability, something inherent. It’s not something we choose to do. It just happens. When relationships are good they are good, we all deserve a chance to be loved, but do we ever give people the opportunity to love us? Maybe relationships are about challenging each other to grow. Someone that care so much that they will do whatever they must to support you and know when to push and when to pull.Some of are capable of receiving love and giving it back, and some of us just don’t know how to handle love. Relationships do not define love & love does not define a relationship.Sometimes love is about learning to cope with each other’s crap. Knowing the flaws in each other and being able to say that’s what I like about you. Instead of looking for the flaws why we don’t just ride the wave and see where it takes us.Why has the process of getting into relationship become an evaluation of each other?



“your only as tall as your heart will let you be”

went to see him, Carl Hulsey, & The Maine on Tuesday it was amazing but this song has been stuck in my head ever since

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Scary Beautiful

It’s seriously things like these that constantly inspire me. I’ve always been that weird kid who thought blood was beautiful in a way and barbies looked better when I gave them a pixie hair cut. This picture says so much, not just because its moving but because of her expressions and her attire. Haha its very cool. Photography is something I absolutely loooove, this my friends is good photography. I have to give credit to one of my favorite bloggers  she genius. Things like this make me wanna go get my camera right now and start shooting everything. Photography to me is about finding beauty in things that no one else really can until its photographed. That’s why I like this, even though it looks quite scary its beautiful.