Scary Beautiful

It’s seriously things like these that constantly inspire me. I’ve always been that weird kid who thought blood was beautiful in a way and barbies looked better when I gave them a pixie hair cut. This picture says so much, not just because its moving but because of her expressions and her attire. Haha its very cool. Photography is something I absolutely loooove, this my friends is good photography. I have to give credit to one of my favorite bloggers  she genius. Things like this make me wanna go get my camera right now and start shooting everything. Photography to me is about finding beauty in things that no one else really can until its photographed. That’s why I like this, even though it looks quite scary its beautiful.


One thought on “Scary Beautiful

  1. ndamani says:

    Makes me a little dizzy if I stare at it too long, but I see what you mean. I think it’s just 4-5 shots, but they really capture a mood!

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