Growing up with Harry Potter

Okay as eager as I am I’m a bit scared to see Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows because a couple of friends are telling me they’re terrified by Doby’s death scene (spoiler alert sorry!). If you haven’t atleast the read the last book don’t waste your time reading this, if you haven’t seen each of the movies at least one whole time don’t waste your time either. Of course you guys know I have to talk about HARRY POTTER. Seeing how this is the (part 1) last movie of the last book its like the end of my childhood! Okay I’ll be 100% honest, Harry Potter entered my life when I was about 7 years old and my big sister was assigned to read Harry Potter & The Sorcers Stone for class, and then my mom became obsessed with it. I was given a box set as a gift when I was like 9 but that was quickly stolen from me and I never really got into the books. They were my books but I was the only one in the house who hadn’t read them so that was an awkward dinner conversation for me lol. My best friend, my mom, my stepdad, my sister, and even my boyfriend are Harry Potter obsessed! There are literally 2 copies of each book in my house because my mom and stepdad can’t share a copy. Haha yes. Its just something I grew up with and always was into. Sadly I just now started reading the last book about 2 weeks ago & I’m like “why didn’t I get into these books before!?” well cause they were stolen from me lol. Theres no point of me starting from the beginning at the first book cause I know the stories and the characters & stuff. But now that I’m reading the last one I can cleary visualize each detail its amazing. I unfortunely havent gotten as far as I would like to because of school work, but I’m hoping to be atleast half way through by Thanksgiving. Hmmm since I’m up I guess I’ll go read now :] oh and go follow lord voldermort on twitter he’s halirous! P.S. I will one day marry Daniel Radcliff thats a fact ha!

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3 thoughts on “Growing up with Harry Potter

  1. 7hais7 says:

    ahhh i love the movies and i really want to see the new one i heard it was really good.

  2. ndamani says:

    It will make you a bit teary-eyed towards the end, but it’s definitely a must-see, especially if you’ve read the books. Incredible character development! Have you seen it yet?

    • anaedouard says:

      yeah i saw it during thanksgiving definately made me teary eyed but I was good, the details from the book to the movies is so great they always include every little thing thats why I’ve always loved the series

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