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Christmas Eve bloggin’

Everyone have a great and safe Christmas. & not to sound like a cheeseball but I’m gonna so oh well really remember what Christmas is about. It’s about giving and being thankful for what you have recieved. It’s not Christmas if you don’t know your blessed in whatever life you live be grateful for everything you’ve got, and make others be grateful that they got you :]. Merry Christmas everyone!


I randomly googled swag & this is what came up, I have to agree google this adorable kid has mad swag.


I can’t stop watching this, its halrious & the Midnight Beast does it again :]

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this is my family’s holiday tradition, watching Elf and quoting lines until Christmas day ha.


it would be swell if I got these for Christmas :]

1. Urban Decay vegan palette

2. another pair of TOMS

3. itunes gift cards

4. drivers ed

5. forever21 gift card

its not long or complicated so I think I deserve these few things hm,

are you kidding me!?

ah 16,200 hits! you guys are amazing! literally I want to find all of my readers & give you a huge hug, I mean maybe strike up a comfortable conversation first & then a hug, but you get my point lol! THANK YOU SO MUCH

a tea movement is on!

I drunk this stuff religously before and during finals week, it is sooo good & the packaging is really snazzy, but beyond that this tea is delious & huge & only .99. This is my new favorite drink I am obsessed, Peace Tea is the ish! and for the record no they did not contact me to this is my honest opinion & I really LOVE peace tea. Lots of readers think people pay me or contact me for alot of products & things I talk about at times, psssh I wish!

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Ah it’s winter break! Or as I like to call it a very shorter much colder version of summer break, ha! I have alot of thoughts, and ideas, and news, to share once again. Now that winter break is here I’m taking these next two weeks to fall back in love with blogging. I miss it sooooo much, it was my creative outfit, and I really don’t like how I said that is past tense as in “was”, and thats what I mean! Blogging is what I love more then everything else I do on the internet. Here I get to be me and I get to share with YOU, which is also so amazing. I still can’t believe that this website that I started one summer out of spontanety has become so big, and such a big part of my life. I mean over 15,000 veiws and 80 readers a day is still and always will be crazay to me. I love you guys I love this blog I love fuzzyneonllama, and I love my random thoughts and art I will be updating here soon :]

all I want to christmas…

oh sweet baby Jesus I so badly want this for Christmas, got to play with a bit during fashion week but holy guacamole this an amazing camera, just get me this & drivers ed & I will be the happiest girl alive Santa ha!



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