I’m alive with ideas

I just wanted to say I love you, yes you, its true I love you. Now I know that comes off a little weird your a bit freaked out I understand, cause we don’t know each-other like the (Hi I’m Iyana :]) but I can explain. The fact that you’re even on my silly website that I started expected it to be nothing but a place to vent my teenage heart out is amazing to me. Weather this is your first time on here or your 3rd or your millionth I appreciate more then you know, so that why I love you. I can’t believe 15,000 people have visited my site. Thanks you soooo much. I actually really hope to build this into a small internet empire when I’m older because of you guys I can do that. I’m always alive with ideas, thanks for supporting me in them & taking the time to be on this site instead on facebook or something ha. I just I don’t know what to say I love you, I just love you guys so much :]

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