college admissions essay (portfolio peice 2)

Occidental College college admissions essay topic- write about a topic of your chosing

The Best Rejection

I wanted this more then I ever wanted anything. I remember telling my best friend that if I didn’t get in, I wouldn’t know what to do with my life and would surely drop of school & go work at Chik-fil-A forever. Going to HSPVA was my dream since 5th grade, I couldn’t imagine me not getting accepted, but of course thats exactly what  happened. But surprisingly it was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me.

There wasn’t a moment when I wasnt drawing ,even when I was little I’d always have a marker in hand ready to draw on anything . Over the years I became really good, & I was sketching everyday. By 4th grade I knew that was what I wanted to do in life, share my art with the world. I live the city that has on of the top arts high school in the country. It was my goal to be a student at the High School of Preforming & Visual Arts. High school is exciting in general, but this was HSPVA, this was my dream, my Hollywood, my Eden.

Getting in was no easy task, only the most talented were allowed into those shiny red gates. Everyone who went there & wanted to go there knew this . I had been working on my perfect portfolio for nearly two years. Full of detailed drawings of the human anatomy, dress sketches, screen prints, a tiny sculpture, & my attempt at a hand made dress made me quite confident about my chances. I sent in my portfolio & application & found out I was in, into the audition though.

The audition was the most terrifying thing of my life. My mom pulled up to HSPVA ,everything had never been so loud & clear. That day I could hear my too long for me jeans rubbing against my heals & my heals hitting each sediment pressed into the concrete sidewalk. Assigned to a class other hopeful students, their breaths & my pulse seemed bullhorn loud in my head. I was handed a paper of what we had to do in this classroom that seemed to be getting smaller & smaller. In the hour & a half of time we had we had to draw 4 assigned sketches. Some were simple some we serious, I never knew they would change my entire future.

I was finished early&  had a good 20 minutes before time was up. I was confident but still super nervous. A whole bunch of “what if”‘s began popping in my head. I began to over think & started adding really unessacry details to my already really well done sketches. There was no turning back after I hear the words, “times up”, which echoed in my head days afterwards. About 6 went by & I still didnt get that red sealed letter in the mail. One day my mom called, &  HSPVA didn’t accept me.  I remember thinking, “I guess its time I apply for a job at Chik-fil-A”.

It may sounds strange but I’m really grateful that I got rejected. If I had actually gotten into HSPVA I don’t think I would have loved it as much as I love the high school I go to now. Yes, HSPVA did somewhat kill my dreams of becoming an artist, but ironically fueled my dreams of becoming a journalist. After they denied me I started writing more often to deal with how I felt, & ever since I’ve been in love with writing. Getting denied was the best thing for me. I can’t imagine not going to HAIS. Its taught me that absolutely everything does really happen for a reason, & weather we are aware of it of not the reason is always worth it.

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